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Legislative Summit 2019

PAC Chapter Challenge

The 13th Annual Chapter Challenge is ON!!

And we need you!

We're excited to kick off our 2019 PAC fundraising campaigns and we're working on some exiting ways to help promote GBTA PAC awareness.  If you'd like to donate to PAC, please jump over to our Committe Page for that information.  If you'd like to help support our mission by donating goods or services please do not hesitate to reach out to our committee chairs: Chris Maguire ([email protected]) or Rebeca Palatka ([email protected])


About Government Relations:
One of the primary benefits of TBTA membership is support from an effective Government Relations program. Part of the industry’s collective voice is at the state and local level where TBTA's Government Relations program and its members get involved. GBTA is challenging its chapters to engage their elected officials.

What We Do:
Government Relations advocates policies that benefit the business travel industry. Along with GBTA & Chapter members across the country, we educate members of Congress, their staff, and agency officials about:

  • How business travel stimulates economic and jobs growth
  • Government policies that facilitate business travel
  • Government policies and taxes that discourage or impede business travel
  • Benefits of efficient travel buying and selling

How You Can Make a Difference:

Get involved! Government representatives need to hear from you - their constituents - about policies that facilitate rather than impede business travel. Unwise policies cost the business travel community time, money, and business opportunities. From increasing risk-based passenger screening to modernizing the air transportation system to expanding access to the U.S. through the Visa Waiver Program, your representatives need to know that their actions/voting decisions matter to you.

The 13th Annual Chapter Challenge is ON!

GBTA members’ advocacy efforts are key to the success in advancing a pro-business travel legislative agenda. The Government Relations Challenge is designed to help raise the profile and maximize the profile of GBTA, organize the membership to be engaged in government relations, advocate and influence policy, and build relationships with elected officials. Chapters fulfilling these 6 tasks will be recognized as Challenge Partners.

  • 35% of membership sends a communication to one of their elected o­fficials through the GBTA Legislative Action Center
  • 25% of chapter membership signs up to be an Advocate
  • Invite an elected offi­cial to speak at a chapter meeting or host a GBTA government relations focused meeting
  • Chapter sends a letter or signs onto a GBTA Chapter coalition letter to its representative or senator endorsing a GBTA endorsed bill or vote
  • Chapter appoints a liaison to the GBTA Government Relations Department
  • Large Chapters (Texas BTA) raise $1,500, Medium Chapters raise $1,000 and Small Chapters raise $500 in PAC contributions. All must have 30% of members contribute